Saturday, January 24, 2009


So today has been sort of a shitty day.  I'm feeling sick and hormonal & I'm sort of thinking about just spending the rest of what's left of the day in bed.  Patrick and the boys worked their tails off cleaning today and it was very much appreciated but it was not without the usual helping of back and forth and screaming (with the mother-in-law) that seems to be the norm in this house.  Then I was feeling stressed and upset and kind of stuck in the situation and acted like a TOTAL BITCH to my husband earlier (which I'm still suffereing horrible remorse about) and now I just feel pretty much like crap.   He worked very hard to get the house cleaned up today to make me feel better and then I took my frustrations out on him.  Sometimes these living arrangements just plain SUCK!!!  I'm lying in bed on the lap-top just now hoping this rediculous headache I have will go away soon (waiting on the tylenol to do its thing).  So, does anyone out there have a house to rent??

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