Thursday, June 19, 2008


We're almost to the end of a crazy week and I will be SO GLAD for
Saturday to get here. It's really good that the last couple of weeks
before this one had been so relaxed because this one is doing its
damndest to make up for that. Somehow we've managed to have a house
full of people nearly every day, there has been conflict with my
mother-in-law, she's had surgery this week (carpal tunnel or however
you spell it), Pat and I both got sick, we're back in dire straits
financially (funny how quickly that can sneak up on you, right?), and
we got a letter from the U.S. Treasury that basically said "just
kidding" about our stimulus check. *SIGH*
It's seemed like a
very LONG and rough week. We did have a nice night lastnight though.
Elaine is staying with Dana for a couple of days to recoup from her
surgery so Pat, Blaine, and I just had a quiet evening at home. I made
dinner and we ate while watching "Don't Mess with the Zohan" (which I
thought was pretty funny), then I did some laundry while we fiddled
around with our "top 5" lists (I should interject here that if anyone
is interested, they are all posted at, then I
laid in bed and watched "Sex and the City" until I fell asleep.

Neither Pat nor I was feeling very great yesterday. We ate dinner at
Chili's the night before and we both woke up with stomach cramps,
nausea, and headaches that stuck with us pretty much throughout the
day. I suspect the salsa...just because we saw a notice on the door at
Steak and Shake last week about contaminated tomatoes. At any rate, my
stomach still feels a little unstable this morning but it's not as bad
as yesterday which is good.
This is my week to work Sunday so
Saturday will pretty much be my only day off and it's already booked
SOLID (though at least one part of that I'm looking forward
to...PAR-TAY AT MANDER'S...WHOO-HOOOOO). I will work for my friend's
mom this coming Wednesday. I'm thinking of trying to go back to work
for my Aunt on occasion in the near future too, if she needs me. I
could certainly use the extra cash and, to be honest, I'm just trying
to find ways to make it that are low stress. It's not that I didn't
enjoy the CNA was difficult but rewarding...I just think
maybe it's a little too much to pile on top of a full-time job and all
the other concerns we have at the moment with finances and such. I got
enough time in to keep my certification valid for 2 more years so I can
still hang on to my license, and it's an option that I'd like to keep
open for the future. I'm hoping not to be doing Blockbuster forever.
Don't get me wrong, big blue has been extraordinarily good to me but,
in the event that Pat and I have a child, I'd like to NOT work as many
hours as I do and NOT have to have such a set-in-stone schedule.

So, that's been our week. It's almost over. Thank GOD for the
beautiful weather which has gone a long way to keeping me sane.
Hopefully the coming weeks will find us back on track. Gotta is waiting.

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